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What if I told you there was an easier way to learn WordPress and other Adobe Products than sifting through hundreds of YouTube videos? Well, thanks to Robert Farrell of Think Learn Earn, learning Adobe Software, Google SEO, WordPress, WordPress Plug-ins & Themes is easier than ever. We’ve packaged our training tutorials into a perfect little package. A WordPress Plug-in Package to be exact. Simply install the TLE Plug-in inside your WordPress admin dashboard, activate and begin learning. These are the best WordPress Classes Indianapolis!

We Train. You Learn. You Earn.

Each WordPress Training Plug-in includes more than 30 hours of training tutorials & 12 applications reviewed. What’s covered? Everything from how to use Adobe Software to Basic & Advanced WordPress Techniques. Think Learn Earn offers the best online software training available in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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Gain a 21st Century Marketable Skill, Learn to Build, Design, Develop and Deliver Custom WordPress Web Solutions for Desktop, Table and Mobile Apps. Using Simple “Time-Tested” Point and Click Techniques.


The Best WordPress Classes Indianapolis, Indiana!

For all the fence-sitters in Indy, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Robert Farrell has been teaching software for 28 years. He is the best selling and highest rated teacher on Adobe’s training portal. Prior to breaking out on his own, he was the highest rated teacher on Udemy for Adobe, WordPress, e-commerce & Google. Adobe hired him to teach their employees how to use their software! Yes, this guy knows and understands software better than anyone else.

What makes him unique is his teaching style. He gets you to think the way the software thinks. Each video tutorial is short for ease of comprehension and conveyed without the technical terms.

Current Career Development Course Tutorials:

Life-time access for $849… browse the tabs for a list of each video tutorial + more added every month:

Unlike other training programs where you pay one fee and get only those courses, we continue add new classes each month. Our training is a current career-development library to ensure you have the most marketable skills available today. Think Learn Earn doesn’t bother with out-dated software. We teach students the most sought after skills on relevant technology so they can turn around and put them to use in the real-world.

best-wordpress-training-chicagoWe’re often asked why Robert focuses so much on WordPress. Very simply put, it’s FREE for anyone to use and gaining more of the web design market than any other application. If you’re interested in becoming a web designer or just want to start building your own website, this is the course for you. Ideal for WordPress Beginners.

• How to Install WordPress (WP) 4 via cPanel Fantástico [06:36] • Update to WordPress 4 [02:25] • WP Dashboard Essentials [02:48] • WP Basics Default Settings [04:23] • Creating A Category for Posts [06:02] • Post vs Pages [07:31] • Plugins and How To Use Them [06:35] • Using WP Example Content Plugin [05:24] • Changing Themes [06:46] • Installing Free Themes [06:23] • Working With Post Layouts In Themes [09:13] • Customize Theme Settings [04:28] • Editing Posts [08:05] • Editing Posts Images [06:15]

best-avada-tutorials-chicagoAvada is the top selling theme on ThemeForest. Although quite powerful, it can be cumbersome to first time WordPress users. In this course tutorial, Robert demonstrates the basics of the Avada WordPress Theme as well as advanced slider techniques.

• Avada Theme essentials Getting started WordPress Tutorials
• Required Suggested Plugins
• Avada Theme Essentials How It Thinks
• Edit A Demo Theme Page
• Swapping Editing Images
• Swapping Editing Images Alt Tips
• Swapping Editing Images From Scratch
• Working with Sliders
• Edit Default About Pages
• Edit Elements Checklist
• Edit Elements Counter Circle
• Add Slider To An Existing Page
• Edit Product Images
• Working With Sidebar Pages
• Fusion Builder Know How
• Working With Page Templates
• Editing Creating Side Bars
• Shortcut Overview
• Working With Columns
• Creating A Blog Timeline
• Portfolio Sidebar Pages

best-ultimatum-training-chicagoThe Ultimatum Framework is a Drag-n-Drop WordPress Theme used to build virtually any other WordPress Theme on the market today. If you’re a graphic designer looking for a WordPress solution that gives the simplicity of a CMS with as many customizations as you can dream up…this is your theme.

These videos are found in the “ULTIMATUM ESSENTIALS – VERSION 2.8.2″ Section of the plug-in:
• Getting Started  [01:33] • Install WordPress 4 [06:31] • Basic WordPress Setup [06:18] • How to SetUp WordPress Categories [09:28] • Install Ultimatum WordPress Theme From Scratch [04:41] • How It Thinks [09:59] • WP Example Content Plugin [05:06] • Adding a Slideshow [05:53] • Adding Slideshow Widget [05:36] • Target Slider Per Page [08:27] • How to Create Nav Menus [08:42] • Multi Column Layouts [07:05] • Working With Shortcodes Overview [06:41] • Working With Shortcodes Columns [04:37] • Working With Shortcodes Tabs Accordions [06:27] • Working With Shortcodes Typography Techniques [09:26] • Working With Shortcodes Typography Part 2 [03:59] • Working With Widgets Social Media [09:49] • Building A Template From Scratch [10:37] • Working With Widgets Include Page [08:18] • Building A Template From Scratch [10:37] • Creating A Partial Layout Header [09:23] • Assigning A Layout [09:50] • How To Install Visual Composer [06:31] • Visual Composer How It Thinks [11:22] • Duplicate Posts Plugin [09:53] • Visual Composer Background Page Images [07:02] • Visual Composer Background Parallax Pages [10:28] • Visual Composer Background Parallax With Fancy Text Plugin [10:51] • Visual Composer Background Parallax With Fancy Text Multi Pages [06:29] • Visual Composer Background Parallax With Fancy Text Prefix Suffix [04:33] • Visual Composer Layout Options [13:16] • Visual Composer Working with Templates [11:49] • Visual Composer Saving Custom Templates [09:09] • Visual Composer Building From Scratch [13:51]

These videos are found in the “WORDPRESS ULTIMATUM THEME MASTER VIDEOS” Section of the plug-in:
• One-Page-Scroll-01-Getting-Started-101 [02:35] • One-Page-Scroll-02-Creating-Scroll-Menu [03:37] • One-Page-Scroll-03-Creating-One-Page-Template [05:46] • One-Page-Scroll-04-Creating-One-Page-Content [04:47] • One-Page-Scroll-05-Creating-One-Page-Content-ID-Tags [07:54] • One-Page-Scroll-06-More-One-Page-Short-Codes-Tips [05:30] • CSS Techniques Vol I 01 How CSS Works in Ultimatum [16:52] • CSS Techniques Vol I 02 Create Custom CSS Layout [10:03] • CSS Techniques Vol I 03 Create Custom CSS Class Tags 04:48] • CSS Techniques Vol I 04 Edit CSS WYSIWYG Basics [04:07] • Responsive vs Mobile Native 01 Overview [01:46] • Responsive vs Mobile Native 02 Getting Started [10:31] • Responsive vs Mobile Native 03 Testing Mobile via Simulator [06:51] • Shortcode Techniques Vol I 01 Getting Started [14:03] • Shortcode Techniques Vol I 02 Library Short Codes [08:22]

These videos are found in the “ADOBE WEB DEVELOPMENT VIDEO” Section of the plug-in:
• Ultimatum and Dreamweaver Comp Tracing 01 Overview [02:24] • Ultimatum and Dreamweaver Comp Tracing 02 Using Free Browser Plugins for Comps [10:50] • Ultimatum and Dreamweaver Comp Tracing 03 Build CSS on Top Of Design Comp [17:24] • Ultimatum and Dreamweaver Comp Tracing 04 Build Figure HTML5 Tags and Rules [07:49] • Ultimatum and Dreamweaver Comp Tracing 05 Build Responsive Section CSS and Tags [05:11] • Ultimatum and Dreamweaver Comp Tracing 06 Set Articles Tags in Percentages [09:34] • Ultimatum and Dreamweaver Comp Tracing 07 Set Aside Tags in Percentages [05:54]

rank-site-google-chicagoAwesome Job! You’ve built a website, now how do you get it ranked on Google? In this online course tutorial Robert will share tips & tricks he uses to get his sites ranked higher. By the end of the video series, you’ll be able to create a Google Webmaster Tools + Analytics account & configure a WordPress SEO plug-in.

These videos are found in the “GOOGLE SEO & ANALYTICS TIPS & TRICKS” Section of the plug-in:

• How to create an SEO high traffic WordPress solution 01 Course Overview [02:26] • Basic WordPress Setup 101 [08:50] • Install The Vantage WP Theme [07:53] • Adding Dummy Text with WP Example Content Plugin [04:07] • Edit Your Nav Menu [04:38] • Adding A Default Logo The Smart Way [08:23] • Adding A Slide Show to Vantage Theme [07:57] • Adding A Slide Show to Vantage Theme Part 2 [05:45] • Adding RSS Multi Importer SEO Plugin [12:49] • Adding WP Site to Google Webmaster Tools [09:46] • Install Google Analytics into WordPress [17:17] • Import Youtube Channels into WordPress Posts [16:41] • Adding Your Own Ads To WordPress [06:05] • Adding Ads After Every Post [06:41] • Webmaster Tools Signup [06:58] • One SEO Pack Plugin Options [04:09] • How to Create an SEO Friendly Page [10:40] • YouTube SEO Content Benefits [13:31] • How to Linking YouTube Offers & Promos To Your Website [14:44]

best-easy-digital-download-trainingAre you a photographer or digital artist who wants to showcase your work on the web with the opportunity to sell products online? Than Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) has the perfect WordPress Plug-in solution to your problem. Robert has created this video series for the entrepreneur in all of us. He’ll show you how to create an e-commerce solution using a payment gateway via EDD, offer social media sharing discounts and more.

These videos are found in the “WP-ULTIMATUM THEME MASTER VIDEOS” Section of the plug-in:

• Course overview [01:54] • Installing EDD Plugins [07:01] • Create payment gateway via EDD [02:03] • Setting up discounts and FREE products [06:09] • Social Media Sharing Discounts [06:37] • Premium Product Setup with License [10:08] • EDD Admin Plugin Usage [02:23] • EDD Ultimatum Theme Sales Portal Steps [03:54] • EDD Ultimatum Slideshow Setup [07:38] • EDD Group Sales Page [05:47] • EDD Slideshow URL Links [05:27] • EDD Ultimatum Layout Options [06:48]

best-dreamweaver-training-chicagoRobert started his web career using Adobe Dreamweaver. Before finding the Ultimatum Framework, he used Dreamweaver to build Responsive WebSite Designs. The techniques used in this video series provide a comprehensive overview of Dreamweaver. To help demonstrate skills, he’ll rebuild the Responsive Design “Rackspace” website from scratch.

These videos are found in the “ADOBE WEB DEVELOPMENT VIDEO” Section of the plug-in:

• Building a Responsive Design From Scratch Course Overview [02:29] • Quick Markup Overview [12:59] • Sample Colors and Row Heights [03:42]<
• Building Layout Rows By The Numbers [02:31] • Building Our 1st 960 Template [04:18] • Building Header and Footer Layouts [04:07] • Define CSS Class Rules [07:40] • Creating Template CSS Rule in Theme [01:42] • Assign CSS Class Rules to Layout Rows [06:14] • Assign CSS Class Rules to Footer Rows [03:02] • Assign CSS Class Rules Main Content Rows [05:25] • Adding Content Widgets to Header [01:42] • Building A Responsive Design 13 Adding Content Widgets to Header Part 2 [15:11] • Building Header Main Menu [14:45] • Adding Slide Show To Main Section [03:52] • Building Main Section Top [09:48] • Building 3 Column Section [17:48
• Red Section Inline List Icons [4:12] • Build Custom Solutions Section [02:50] • Build Red Footer Section [04:57] • Build Main Footer Columns Area [12:06] • Build Bottom Footer Nav [17:51] • Section 20 Review [10:20] • Adding Extra Pages From Client [03:18]


• Course Overview [02:06] • Define Website Dreamweaver CC [06:16] • Creating Index Homepage Via Dreamweaver CC [08:25] • Uploading Web Pages Via FTP Dreamweaver CC [12:36] • Building 1st Version Web Pages Via Dreamweaver CC [07:31] • Building DIV and HTML5 Tags Via Dreamweaver CC [10:45] • Tagging Text Content H and P Tags Via Dreamweaver CC [05:23] • Create DIV Tag ID Wrapper Via Dreamweaver CC [07:56] • Create * Wildcard CSS Rule Via Dreamweaver CC [06:25] • Create Wrapper CSS Rules Via Dreamweaver CC [10:06] • Padding Content P H Tags Via Dreamweaver CC [03:49] • Creating Responsive Design With CSS Rules – Defining HTML5 Tags Via CSS Rules.mov [08:33] • Defining Header Nav Tags Via CSS Rules.mov [11:04] • Defining Section Article Aside Tags Via CSS Rules.mov [05:25] • Adding Space Below Paragraphs.mov [05:28] • Creating Formatting CSS Article Tags.mov [06:52] • Floating Article Tags.mov [09:30] • Article ID Tags.mov [12:07] • Creating Website Navigation Links 01 Defining an Unordered Nav List [07:31] • Creating Website Navigation Links 02 Defining CSS Unordered and LI Tags [04:36] • Creating Website Navigation Links 03 Defining A Tags AKA Hyperlinks [08:02] • Creating Final Webpages 01 Three Step Process Final Page Building [12:01] • Creating Final Webpages 02 Create New Pages Via Save As Copy Paste [10:20] • Creating Final Webpages 03 Adding Extra Pages From Client [09:06]


• How to define a website in adobe dreamweaver cc [02:01] • How to define a website in adobe dreamweaver cc part 2 [02:01] • Creating saving your first webpage in dreamweaver [02:00] • Adding content to your webpage [02:02] • Adding content images to your webpage [02:02] • Tagging content with html tags basic concepts [02:01] • Explore html tagging for text [02:04] • How to use html img tag [02:03] • Preview webpage in a web browser [02:02] • Setting up FTP file transfer in Dreamweaver [02:03] • How to create css rules for html tags in Dreamweaver [02:35] • How to create css rules for html body tag in Dreamweaver [02:04] • How to work with em space height in Dreamweaver [02:26] • Set wildcard tag css rules in Dreamweaver [02:06] • Adding paragraph space with em in Dreamweaver [02:01] • What are div tags and how to use them [02:03] • What is an html ID tag and how to use them in dreamweaver [02:01] • Creating div tag with html id in dreamweaver [02:02] • Creating main content div tag in dreamweaver [02:08] • Adding site nav div from scratch in dreamweaver [02:07] • Creating css design rules wrapper div id tags in dreamweaver [01:57] • Using live view vs preview in browser [02:00] • Creating css design rules branding div id tags in dreamweaver [02:14] • Add css rules to mainContent div with float [02:01] • Add css rules to siteNav div with float [02:03] • Padding content concepts for p h1 tags etc [02:34] • Adding a footer tag with clear so wrapper wraps site [05:26] • Building ul tags for siteNav with dreamweaver [02:03] • Building css rules for ul tags for siteNav with dreamweaver [02:00] •Adding link placeholder hyperlinks for siteNav div id [02:11] • Creating css rules hyperlinks a tags [02:21] • Linking nav links to real pages [02:29] • Moving internal css rules to an external css file [03:36] • Creating the new linked pages my way [04:03]

best-illustrator-tutorials-chicagoNobody, absolutely nobody understands Adobe Illustrator better than Robert Farrell. The tips & tricks shared throughout this video tutorial series have never been heard before. Adobe Illustrator is a vector-art program which is essential to web & graphic design careers. These techniques will put you ahead of  your design colleagues & co-workers.

These videos are found in the “ADOBE WEB DEVELOPMENT VIDEO” Section of the plug-in:

• Adobe Illustrator How It Thinks [01:37] • Create doc options [17:14] • Create vector art [08:27] • Fill stroke [07:47] • Clone object [07:21] • Clone around [05:35] • Path techniques [14:01] • Path join [12:19] • Change doc height [03:37] • Path pen tool [11:00] • Path pen tool [09:03] • Create shirt [11:49] • Create shirt [14:27] • Transform rotate [16:01] • Transform 3ways [09:30] • Masking objects [13:46] • Transform 3ways ski [17:03] • Transform scale house [11:22] • Oval vs. rectangle [15:45] • Average points [10:57] • Making patterns [05:23] • Making patterns in depth [06:35] • Changing pattern colors [04:52] • Create gradients [09:46] • Create gradients mesh [10:27] • Create gradients mesh edit [13:25] • Mesh tool pepper [09:10] • Blend tool [16:07] • Working with color [13:29] • Working with color [20:10] • Working with color [06:19] • Working-with-color [15:54] • Pathfinder-tips [14:35] • How to transform objects via scale techniques [02:51] • How to transform objects via rotate techniques [02:05] • How to transform objects via reflect techniques [02:07] • How to transform objects via shear skew techniques [02:05] • How to transform objects scale tricks [02:36] • How to transform objects scale anchor points [02:25] • Build a 3D box from scratch [02:03] • How to transform objects scale clone many up [02:13]

best-photoshop-training-chicagoNext to WordPress, Adobe Photoshop is the next software application for any Web Designer to understand. These video tutorials review the most common tools used in Photoshop’s tool bar. Robert will explain what a layered PSD file is and how to save graphics for the web.

These videos are found in the “ADOBE WEB DEVELOPMENT VIDEO” Section of the plug-in:

• Working with PSD Photoshop Files [09:07] • Working with PSD Photoshop Default BG Layer [05:43] • Replace Pixels Different Options [10:17] • Sections 101 Options Grow Selection [07:45] • Sections 101 Quick Mask [09:52] • Section Options [07:02] • Save Selections in Layers [09:26] • Clone Image to Layers Opt Alt Key [09:05] • Transforming Images Per Layer [08:59] • Magic Wand Tolerance Levels [12:42]

best-after-effects-training-chicagoAdobe After Effects is primarily used as a software for video editors, to create motion graphics and also visual effects. It allows users to animate, edit, and compose media be it 2D or 3D space with many different built-in tools. Robert Farrell of Think Learn Earn will show you how to use Adobe After Effects to build a Parallax animation.

These videos are found in the “ADOBE WEB DEVELOPMENT VIDEO” Section of the plug-in:

• Course Overview [02:24] • How After Effects Thinks [03:28] • Our 1st AE Comp aka Building a Composition [05:57] • Import Assets to use in After Effects [13:40] • Master The AE Timeline with KB Shortcuts [03:17] • Setting Key Frame Animation [13:14] • Working Smart Duplicate Layers [11:40] • Edit Comp and Shorten Key Frames [05:48] • Change Order of Timeline Assets [08:58] • Change Order of Timeline Assets.muxed [08:58]

• Working with PSD Photoshop Files [09:07] • Photoshop After Effects Parallax Displacement 02 Adding Maps to Image via PS [09:26] • Adding Motion Maps Via AE [08:56] • Blur Depth of Field Via AE [07:11] • Render Out Movie Via AE [02:49] • Import Movie to PS Out As Animated Gif [04:34] • Import Slide Into WP Ultimatum Slide Show [05:04] • Master The Puppet Tool in AE [07:25]

• Course Overview [01:21] • WordPress Slide Show Parallax 02 Working with Image via Photoshop CC [06:07] • Filling Area with Content Aware via Photoshop CC [06:14] • Prepare Image for Slide Show Dimensions [05:00] • Import Layered PSD File into After Effects CC [09:46] • Setting Up The Camera in AE CC [05:37] • Posting Keyframes and Puppet Tool [09:20] • Render Movie from AE for Import to PS [11:56]

best-adobe-edge-animate-training-chicagoAdobe Edge Animate, formerly known as simply Adobe Edge, is a web development tool developed by Adobe Systems that uses HTML5, Javascript, and CSS3 functionality. Robert demonstrates how to build the “Boy Coy” Parallax website using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Edge Animate.

These videos are found in the “ADOBE WEB DEVELOPMENT VIDEO” Section of the plug-in:

• Part I Overview [01:46] • Adobe Bridge Batch Process [02:05] • Setting Up The Boy-Coy Parallax [04:06] • Page 1 Graphics Import Boy-Coy Parallax [08:13] • Robot Arm Animation [08:37] • Robot Up Move Animation [05:21] • Animate Buttons RollOver [11:14] • Adding Hyper-Links [04:54] • Tagging Text Content in Edge [06:32] • Import Page 2 Graphics [04:44] • Animate Page 2 Ballons [12:14] • Animate Page 2 Badge [04:29] • Animate Page 2 Android Button [09:12] • Animate Page 2 Animate Description Sign [05:40] • Animate Page 2 TV Screen [09:11] • Animate Page 2 TV Screen Part 2 [10:14]

best-fireworks-training-chicagoAdobe Fireworks (formerly Macromedia Fireworks) is a bitmap and vector graphics editor. In this course Robert shows you how to work with Adobe Fireworks by creating a web design comp from scratch.


These videos are found in the “ADOBE WEB DEVELOPMENT VIDEO” Section of the plug-in:

• Building a web design comp from scratch [11:56] • Sample colors and attributes.mov [06:05] • Creating CSS3 inside of Fireworks CS6 for export to Dreamweaver CS6 [15:55] • How To Create Custom Theming for JQuery Mobile Apps [04:52] • Creating graphics and artwork for Adobe Edge Animation with John Dunning Ext [12:18] • Batch processing images for the web [02:33] • Using PNG vs JPG how to use both [04:50] • Creating html file with images via FW [03:13] • Working with PNG image files [02:30] • Edit PNG add a drop shadow [01:59] • Building a webpage mockup [03:02] • Sample color from an image graphic [01:51] • Sample color from a design comp to CSS [03:15] • Create background textures for web pages [03:11]

how-use-visual-composer-chicagoVisual Composer is a Drag and Drop Frontend and Backend Page Builder Plugin for WordPress. This plug-in works with just about any WordPress Theme and saves you time working on the site content by letting you drag and drop elements on the page. Although Robert demonstrates how to use Visual Composer with the Ultimatum Framework the steps may be duplicated to work with any other WordPress Theme.


These videos are found in the “ULTIMATUM ESSENTIALS – VERSION 2.8.2″ Section of the plug-in:
•  Ultimatum Plugin Essentials Overview [07:36] •  How To Install Visual Composer [06:31] •  Visual Composer How It Thinks [11:22] •  Duplicate Posts Plugin [09:53] • Visual Composer Background Page Images [07:02] •  Visual Composer Background Parallax Pages [10:28] •  Visual Composer Background Parallax With Fancy Text Plugin [10:51] •  Visual Composer Background Parallax With Fancy Text Multi Pages [06:29] •  Visual Composer Background Parallax With Fancy Text Prefix Suffix [04:33] •  Visual Composer Layout Options [13:16] •  Visual Composer Working with Templates [11:49] •  Visual Composer Saving Custom Templates [09:09] •  Visual Composer Building From Scratch [13:51]

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Our intent is to teach students skills which can can be applied in the real world. In fact our training is so good we classify it as “UNIVERSITY LEVEL TRAINING” without the “Institution” pricing. Design schools focus on typography, composition layout, negative space and color palettes. What they lack is effective computer training & smart working techniques. Think Learn Earn not only shows a student how to translate their designs into responsive website solutions for clients, but also how to do it efficiently.

In other words, our students use WordPress and Adobe Software Training plus Google SEO techniques to make a living. Many of our students are entrepreneurs, starting their own web design or consulting business. If you want to get ahead of the class, start your own business or reinvent yourself our Software Training Plug-in is the perfect solution.


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